What scientists miss about the use of masks

I am not going to provide you with evidence whether masks work or not. There is conflicting evidence simply because it is nearly impossible to test it scientifically. Also the entire COVID-19 "science" is a mess and highly dubious to say the least.

Masks do not work as we think they do. The human factor in a live environment does not behave as in a controlled one. Researchers putting masks on volunteers and then testing whether masks work or not is not the way to do it. It is the same reason social sciences are a hoax. In fact, the recent mask debacle demonstrates one of the biggest weaknesses of modern science which is failure for accurate testability and replicability. And if you don’t have those two elements then you are not doing science. You are simply projecting. Most people today believe that something is scientific by relying only on the authority that issues the verdict. In other words, blind faith.

Humans do not behave the same as they would in a controlled environment. People will share masks just to get inside a store. They don’t really care about the disease but about getting fined. They will instinctively feel “safer” and practice a much poorer general hygiene because masks make them feel “protected”. The accumulated dirt along with constantly touching the mask is also a perfect recipe for getting infected with a much larger viral load.

There is no way to accurately test masks because the natural environment and the way the virus behaves is anything but controlled. The entire model is based on poor projections that assumes that humans will use their masks properly and as instructed.

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