What a war hero picture can teach us about Covid-19

There was a time in Cyprus that the classrooms were filled with gory pictures of war heroes. As kids we got used of them as our parents did. One particularly popped out since it showed a burned corpse. The picture was of Afxentiou, someone who was burned alive from the British during Cyprus’s independence war. 

Enter the psychosophists, the progressives and basically anyone who worships scientism without applying a shred of critical thinking. Based on their pseudoscientific "studies" that have no way to be tested or replicated sufficiently, they started yapping about all the negative consequences when children see these images. And so all these images that were used primarily to boost the patriotism of the young citizens were to be removed. New mandates were slowly created that more or less removed all symbols from classes in order to make them more “inclusive”,”humane” and “tolerable”.

People forget one important factor. The main reason those images were showcased in the first place was because Cyprus is an island shredded by war. Putting up images of what ancestors did in the past to defend it, creates a sense of duty. Kids grow up to be servants of the state and ready to die for it. They were put there for the good of the children and the country itself. They had a purpose that was directly linked with their survival. The enemy for many of them is only a few hundred meters away.

People also forget the real reason public schools exist. Schools don’t give a shit about how smart you will be or how much you will advance in life. That’s only secondary. Schools are most and foremost brainwashing factories; A factory that produces state soldiers; ones that are dedicated and faithful. One that they can defend the soil upon which they will be fucked upon from their current and future politicians.

The progressives claim that removing religion, patriotism and the like creates a more fertile ground for critical thinking but that in nonsensical rhetoric. In reality, they just replace one stupid narrative with another. If we want to be factual by their dodgy standards we can easily see that Cypriot students’ grades and progressiveness in schools is strongly inversely correlated. The more liberal schools get, the shittier the students get. And there is tons of evidence that showcases this even though no liberal teacher ever dared to draw the conclusion. They would claim it as “weak correlation” as if their own studies demonstrate “stronger” correlations. They don’t.

But here is the real caveat; In a time when globalism is vital for the survival of the massively inflated western countries, family, patriotism and religion have no place. These are things that create problems for the imported workforce that are cheaper and more profitable to do the same job. So anything that reduces the sense of identity from the locals is discouraged so that a new, more inclusive (and profitable) narrative can take place. The Somali doesn’t care about Afxentiou. The pakistani doesn’t care about the cross hanging in the classroom. And soon, give it a few generations of constant brainwashing in schools, neither will the Cypriot. 

The same psychosophists, progressive teachers and officials (that wanted all those patriotic photos down), are now in favor of the Covid-19 scare tactics. This includes posters hanging in classroom that put into shame any nazi and soviet propaganda or half burned mutilated bodies. Teachers that actively scare the shit out of students either willingly or because they follow orders like soldiers do. You see, “they” told them we have a situation now much like they told the teachers back in 1980 after the war that they had a situation.

But hey. This time is “different”. Forget about whether the model for lockdowns was disproven. Forget about how Sweden proved them wrong time after time again. Forget about the conflicting "studies" about masks and WHO changing their opinion more often than a starving child in a candy shop. Let's just assume that their reasoning is justified and that the horrid COVID actions are justified.

Why are they not concerned with the trauma they are causing to young kids? If its an acceptable "damage" that has to be repaired later on with counseling and what not, then why they didn't follow the same strategy with the gory pictures hanging from the wall. Why they didn’t employ school psychologists to treat these “traumatized children” and just keep the pictures up there? Why they didn’t even practise their own tactics where it states that exposing someone to something they fear slowly, they eventually get used to it and no longer afraid of it. Why is one reality more damaging than the other?

There are no studies to answer these questions because psychology, for the most part, is bullshit. Not just psychology but all the social sciences. And this is why you see them going hand in hand with the government's mandates. If they don't assist in promoting narratives, they create them and then try to pass them as laws. Over the past few years social sciences have worked together to create a new environment for a new world order. And no, is not a conspiracy. The world economic forum, the government of England and plenty of other American institutions are slowly calling for the evident. They call it “The great reset”. One that is paradoxical and nonsensical. One that is highly political and has nothing to do with either science or even critical thinking as we have demonstrated above with our example. One that sought COVID as an excuse in order to pass an agenda of control, fear and economic control. One that has been brewing for some time before our very own eyes but as with a tsunami, we ignored the earthquake.

And I can hear the progressives right now screaming about “lack of evidence” because this is how they are used to accepting realities in life. To have them served in their plate by an authority of their choice. Because they think scientists are incorruptible much like religious people of the past thought of priests to be. Because they don’t realize that they slowly accept new realities and act as if they always knew about them. Is there really a difference if a child witnesses a gory picture of a war hero vs a poster that makes it scared shitless for even daring to talk or touch another fellow human being? And they claim that schools increase critical thinking when themselves who are supposed to teach it seem to be devoid of it.

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