We Are Designed for thinking into the future, not the present

I can't recall how many times I had to go through the idea that everything in our economy is so interconnected that even the slightest change can cause massive reaction. I might really hold the world record of "I, Pencil" reposting, which basically explains this very concept.

And after those few hundred times I posted this in my younger version, I realized that some people, most people, are unable to grasp the future the way some other people do. Nothing special, nothing too fancy. In the same way some people can think 3, 4 or 10 moves down the line. Some other people can hold only 1 or 2.

And this is the core of the problem. It is genetic. Our minds have not been designed to handle so much interconnection and entropy at the same time. It takes a massive mental effort. And anything that takes effort, is being kicked down evolutionary. Too much energy consumption. The mind wants the easy way out. Same story explains why people have been slowly been conditioned to have a few seconds of attention span, and just in video, and it has to be something impressive. Even those who were not idiots are becoming ones because our underlying design favors the now, not the future.

And I am sorry to brake it to most of you, since I know you will disagree, this applies massively to populations we perceive as "minorities". Be it black, middle eastern, latin and some of asia. Most of the crime you see out there is not just culture. Culture, did not pop out of nowhere. It didn't manifest itself into existence. It had a genetic component. Some people simply cannot visualize future consequences. They live for the absolute NOW, like most animals do. Little sense of the future. This is why you see so many Africans having no father. They just fuck and when the baby comes they cannot accept the consequence of their actions. Somebody pisses them off. The draw a gun and shoot without realizing the consequences of their actions. I've seen this in aboriginal populations as well, up close and personal. And don't get me wrong. White people do this as well, no doubt. But scale matters. This is a phenomenon that is mostly seen in non-white and non-asian populations.

Mind you. We are all victims of this in some degree or another. The chain smoker, the unhealthy dieter, the mortgage victim, the loan bearer, all these people are more prone to be fucked because they are locked and bound in the present. Our system is not build IN the present. It is build in imagination. The future. It's a gamble. A projection. Now you also know why astrology is so much more popular than astronomy. Why epidemiologists are the same suckers as macro-economists basing their reality on "models"

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