The Microsoft patent, pedophilia and how it connects with the Occult

I will start off with something else. Over the past few years a lot of information is unearthing in regards to pedophilia, worship of the devil, elites using these rituals and so on. There is a lot more in this that you might think and this is irrelevant to whether you are a Christian or an Atheist or anything else in between.

The important message for people to understand is this; These people, the “elites” (as they are being marked - I call them leeches) are not particularly smart or charismatic. They are regular people who by luck and networking found themselves to the top. They got rich quickly or they inherited money. Up to a point in their life, they had absolutely nothing else to explore. They saw how pointless most humans' lives were. How easily manipulated.

They were observing slaves (compared to their own lives), working 9-5 while themselves enjoyed capital gains. A phone call could affect millions of these petty, helpless lives. This made them feel more powerful and the lives of the rest less important. A good parallel for the average westerner, are the starving people in Africa. You can’t imagine being them. You just can’t. And in contract, you don’t have control over them like the elites have on you. This is the most crucial difference between you and them. You are the starving person in Africa and they have the means to control your food flow by shifting economic aid, policies, access to information or resources. And this is no conspiracy. It is publicly available and easily deductible information.

Deep down, these “elites” even if they had everything, they knew they were still going to die. They tried drugs, they tried sex, they tried almost everything this world had to offer, yet they were still missing something. They hear about old cults. They hear about medical procedures were young blood and organs can make you more youthful. Again, they are not particularly smart or charismatic. They are as gullible and dumbstrucked as everyone else. You doubt this? Check your bosses. They hire the smart people because they ain’t ones themselves. For them, tradition connects with modern medicine rumors about youth and longevity. Many get blood transfusions from 18 year old athletes. Does it work? Well, I ask you. Does it matter at this point?

And they to all this with no remorse; I mean why not right? Why not take advantage of all these abandoned children thrown at your feet? Most of these kids are doomed anyways. They will live in all likelihood horrible lives. And with this in mind, they slowly start to dip their toes into darkness. They start having sex with them. They start exploiting them. They seek purity, innocence “the untouched” “not spoiled” from the filthy world they created. And because these kids are not familiar with the sex act they perceive it as something normal, a game. Drugs make it all seem like a dream for both parties. Then something bad happens eventually. Someone dies. Blood rituals follow because again, these people are not particular smart or different from the average religious person. They are just immensely more powerful. And soon enough, since there is a mob mentality in these "elite" parties, they start doing things they wouldn't be daring doing alone. Eyes Wide Shut is a pretty good movie that slowly turns itself to be a documentary as more evidence is unearthed in regards to these people's lives.

You might ask yourself. But why are they making it so obvious? Why do they make a patent to mine human energy from humans and the number is conveniently 060606? Well, because much like Christians have symbols, Satanists have some as well. Little has to do whether God or Satan are real entities. The important thing is that the people partaking in these rituals believe that they are real. And a vital part of being a Satanist is to display the marks of the devil openly, without fear. This is how you get his power (whatever that is). This is why you see every moron in Hollywood, random politicians and corporatists use occult symbolism occasionally. They look you in the eye from their position of power and make it completely clear who is in charge. It's really a "fuck you" message or rather "I am fucking you".

The reason most people think that these things are impossible to happen is because they are normal people. They never had riches. They never had power, fame. They never did drugs with groups of powerful people. So they believe that all these people they see on TV have the same mental game as they do. Because, really, it is an unbearable thought to realize that the people who rule you, behave like this.

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