Sorry conspiracy nuts, this event happened

Anybody who writes about this event and talks about it is going to be asked how we actually know that this event happened.

Not that the smart person asking the question has any doubts, mind you, but how do we know that this event took place? The evidence we have is really irrefutable. 

It’s a little like asking how we know there was another historical event. Where’s the evidence? Maybe it’s just made up by the current system in order to force us to believe whatever it wants. As if the winners write the history books right?!

Many other similar events were taking place when this event happened. Many important people were involved around the event. The event even had enemies that opposed it. Entire books have been written about the preparedness for this event. Hand written accounts about the aspects of this event exist!

We even have physical evidence for this event (even if similar evidence can be acquired and/or produced from many other sources). 

Thousands upon thousands of people were in the vicinity of this event. Surely a few of them would have spotted any inconsistencies. One cannot control all the people! Right? We have no evidence in history that mass delusions can exist right?

But forget all that! The most important evidence is that other people who didn’t want this event to happen could have said something and not accept it as reality! In fact, this event surely happened because people supporting opposing ideologies of this event would have said something if it didn’t happen! 

And that’s a kind of proof that the conspiracy-meisters cannot wriggle around. Fools!

But another thing is true about this event: You’ll never convince someone who wants to think they were faked that they weren’t. There is nothing in particular you could ever say, no particular moment or piece of evidence you could produce, that would cause someone like that to light up and say, “Oh! You’re right! This Event DID happen!.”

Anyone who wants to live in a world where this event didn’t happen should be happy there. That’s a pinched and bizarre place, one that defies not just the laws of nature but also the laws of ordinary human relationships.

I prefer to live in the real world, the one in which this event did happen, because this event a reality was extraordinary! It was done by ordinary people, right here on Earth, people who were called to do something they weren’t sure they could, and who then did it.

This event happened, and every year we have an anniversary for it. It’s worth banishing forever the nutty idea that it didn’t happen, and also appreciating what the event meant!

[ If you guessed the Existence and Resurrection of Jesus Christ or The Moon Landing or The Holocaust while reading this nugget then you have guessed correctly ]

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