Jordan Peterson and the Benzos of Doom

Let me start by saying that I never really liked Jordan Peterson but I can understand why so many people are fascinated by him. The guy is more or less a motivational speaker 2.0 able to repackage religion and philosophy into contemporary narratives. There is no essence, no originality but someone who is “lost” will definitely fall for his charlatanism. He went above and beyond doublespeak, moving into higher dimensions of bullshitery.

He's a pseudointellectual e-celeb. People like him attract culturally "orphaned" young adults and impress them with all kinds of basic lessons. He's no different than the youtube and instagram influencers of the world, except that his cultists think themselves as new age enlightened men. Why? Simply because they have heard about Jungian archetypes and lobster parables combined with some absurd biblical analysis. And those crumbs of knowledge he spreads do not seem to fit in anything useful other than ephemeral impressions for meaningless masturbation.

Peterson is an academic that speaks in packaged terms that are designed to entice the weak minded. But like all academics he is a puppy for the system. Not only that he is a troubled person and a pathetic self help grifter - a latecomer to the stoic meme movement trying to cash out whatever he can. Young men would have been much better studying the diachronic classics rather than attaching themselves to a fading celebrity who would have stayed a nobody if he didn’t attack... pronouns. The fact that he had to put into a comma in Russia, away from the scientific western rigor (who found nothing wrong with him) shows how pitiful skin in the game he has in regards to his own standards about science. But most importantly it shows how pathetic minded he is for not being able to deal with a very basic reality of life.

Jordan Peterson is a long term manic drug addict. And he became a drug addict because he is a hypocrite. His whole philosophy is an alter-ego construction and most likely the reason he made all those references about masks and mythology. His mind turned against himself for not keeping it real. Whatever he says he doesn’t believe. Doesn’t even seem to practice. But he does believe (sometimes) whole-heartily in the “sciences” of psychiatry and psychology because as a puppy of academia this is what he was trained to do. Believe. And for this reason I am not going to focus on how a druggie can affect lonely young men who have "problems". I am not even going to analyze why he returned as he put it “now that the tides are turning” just before the US elections. I will leave you pondering about that one in regards to how and why this guy was pushed to fame and by what kind of interests at your own time when you masturbate on his future videos and publications.

The most interesting part for me is that with his come-back video, he manages to debunk his own fields of psychology and psychiatry based on his own scientific standards. Yes. The entire field. Have you noticed how often proponents of the scientific method post horror stories about how a non-licensed person used dubious methods resulting in the death of someone else or a group of people? How “untested” and potentially dangerous drugs pushed from “non-professionals” can cause problems, even death? How proponents of scientism frame the whole thing in the end saying “this is why we should follow science in order to avoid these tragedies?”

Well, they are hypocrites, and dead wrong. Because whatever they accuse the charlatans doing, psychiatry has done to one of its biggest flagships. “Dr” Peterson. And I can hear the counter arguments right now echoing “But, but millions of people have been helped from the use of these drugs”. Yet, you don’t see “scientists” and objective thinkers holding the same stance when people who tried homeopathy or other pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo attest to its benefits. They call it placebo, false reporting and whatever else just to justify their position and prove the other side wrong.

When it benefits them, people use exception-to-the-rule-tragedies, in order to make an argument that the other side is wrong. In return, when others accuse them for being wrong they claim “Shit happens”. Intellectual dishonesty at its finest.

I urge you to google “Peterson and the Cider of Doom” to get a grasp about the mental state of this guy. I challenge you to just try and empty whatever preconceptions you have about this man and imagine what you would think if you did not know anything about him other than that video.

Benzos are drugs much like any other drugs. Weed, heroic, alcohol, nicotine, sugar. They help the individual cope with the realities of life. They are an escape mechanism from reality. They work until they start creating other health problems. They are bandages that hide the real problem until it gets out of control. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they kill you. It’s a gamble because every individual is different and science is very far away from offering science-based and individually catered medication. Benzos being legal and heroin not, is just a money scheme, one of which I am not going to get into details. Having laws against drugs in order to “protect people” must be the stupidest and most unscientific rhetoric the governments and institutions have come up with. And people bought it because people like to listen to authority.

So there you have it. A weak minded self-help grifter who cashes out on the desperation of young adults by providing them poorly repackaged philosophies and "science" that not even himself is able to follow.

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