Dear Experts, It’s Not About Knowledge. It is about Trust.

More and more people simply do not trust the so-called experts. And who can really blame them. Trust is a fragile thing. Much like a glass, once it's broken, it is hard to put back together.
And experts have broken people’s trust way more times than they should.

Part of the problem is not really the experts but the volatile human nature. There has been an insidious belief that experts are a bit different than other people. And don’t get me wrong. There are other facets in our society that this belief has been tried to be instilled. For example, government employees are perceived to be more trustworthy than let’s say, private employees. You see, it's easier to assume that the government employee or a priest works for the good of the people while the private or corporate employee is a slave for money and profit.

If you take a step back the entire premise seems to be taken out of a poorly drafted sci-fi movie where forces of “good” and “evil” exist in a pure duality. To believe that experts, government employees, scientists or priests are fundamentally incorruptible is perhaps the dumbest shit you can believe over the age of 22. It will set you into a whirl of delusion that will eventually render you into a perpetual sucker. The authority of the system will have a grip on you and no matter how you try to apply your own narrative, you will be brainfucked any way you put it.

Most people, even the biggest idiots, don’t doubt that some fancy college boy knows more than they do. They just don’t trust them with their own livelihood. And the reason they don’t trust them is because they know way too many experts that have fucked them in the past. They have been ruling them all of their lives. Telling them what to eat, what to drink, how to raise their kids what medication to take. And the experts got a lot of things wrong. They see scandals popping left and right and the blame-finger pointing ending in some bureaucratic void.

Why the fuck should any average person trust the experts when most of what these people merely repeat publicly available information from google? Nobody doubts that they have studied in depth their subject a long long time ago in a college somewhere. But they are human. They forget. Most don’t update. I dare anyone to recall shit from college and how much of that knowledge is applicable today in their field. This is exactly why most don’t stand up to the “expert” title.

Really, what makes an expert? The fact they have graduated (god knows how) from an “accredited” university? Perhaps because they worked in an “accredited” institution? Or perhaps because they chaired in some political sense a group or movement? These people are not experts. These people merely went camping in a safe space, got a few qualifications and now they are barely employed. The ugly truth, the elephant in the room, is that most of these morons are using the “fake it until you make it” tactic.

The reason most people don’t trust the “experts” is because the term has lost its meaning. It’s because people have found out that through a mere google searching, that they can be correct, factual and unbiased from any interests other than their own. It’s because they know that almost everyone can be bought. It’s because they know politicians and those who lead corporations are not experts. Not at all. Yet, the biggest most incompetent scoundrels command the so-called experts on a legal basis. On absolute authority. And they do so with a profound economic leverage.

If you haven’t worked in academia, you have no idea how low an academic can go in order to secure a grant from a committee. They will literally do anything because this is how they survive. Outside the academic safe-space they are fucked. Most of them are completely useless in the real world. They would starve. And this is exactly how the politicians get the experts by the balls to do their bidding.

An expert, a real expert, is someone who knows their subject so well, they can explain the most complex of its tenets in simple to understand wording. At the same time they can invent something that has a fundamental impact. No, I am not talking about TV or Computers or the Internet. I am talking about the transistor inside the satellite, the motherboard inside your laptop or the mathematical solution for ‘web packet switching’.

Ironically, the commoners of history, don’t even know who these experts are. They are not being highlighted in history books unless you can study that specific major in college or happen to stumble upon it in an article. Instead, we are constantly bombarded to believe that corporatist entrepreneurs with a very fat capital like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Elon Musk who assemble and repackage inventions are the “experts”. We think that the doctors getting out of medical school having memorized what has been recited to them, qualify as “experts”. Kind reminder here that If your job can be memorized and recited by anyone or anything then you are not an expert. If I can program a computer (and eventually a robot) to randomize “patients” and develop a pattern algorithm to heal them then you are not an expert. You are a parrot waiting to go obsolete.

So here is the only true metric to distinguish experts from non-experts; If you cannot create fundamentally new knowledge, something that even a computer cannot do, then you are not an expert. Your knowledge on the subject can be investigated through open access. You cannot fool anyone in the time of the internet. Very few people are “experts” in this time and age, and rest assured they know better than popping up in front of a glass to tell people what to do. And history will judge these “experts” accordingly.

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