Daddy’s Authority and The Children that Never Grow Up

When a child needs something makes sure to get it. If for some reason, they are not able to accomplish their mission, they ask for daddy or mommy to do it. A child recognizes the authority figure that lies in the parent. They have seen it unfold before their eyes. Being scolded, yelled at, punished.

There is an understanding about who has the undeniable power. They are larger, smarter and they make all the rules. Parents are impossible to defeat on your own. When another child comes to challenge, the first reaction is “Daddy, tell him off!”, while the juvenile hides behind daddy’s leg. Problem solved. Why risk personal injury when someone else can take care of the problem?

The vast majority of children grow up and face the same power issues. Only this time, the scenario is set up a bit differently. The father figure is no longer available. But, there is a similar father figure called “The Government”. It has all the power. It has all the guns and special places to put the punished. It makes all the rules and it cannot be questioned. The child clings on this new authority figure and never grows up.

And so we meet two kinds of grown ups in the world. The grown up that relies on his powers and will and the grown up who hides behind the government’s leg. The first usually opens up his own business and follows his own craft. They try to become the best at their craft through their own efforts. Their work speaks for them. The second, knowing they can’t really complete, becomes a spineless pawn of the government, either through some organization or as a puppet of the system.

Curiously enough, people who ask from the government to do their bit, feel powerful. They feel the same power as a lesbian with a strap on. It’s not their power but the borrowing feels and looks like their own. Instead of fulfilling their grown up duty or personal responsibility, they remain juveniles with their daddy authority issues. Why even try to become your own man when some other authority can do it for you?

All Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are the same. They complain about “society” forgetting that they are the very thing they complain about. There is no difference in right, center or left wing. All SJWs are subject to the same daddy issues. It’s them, the thing they want to accomplish and the government as a driving force. They are the enemies of freedom and they claim they want security for society when in fact they are scared and want security for themselves.

They feel that their way is the right way. Everyone in the system must follow suit. They are not concerned with showing a good example. They are only concerned about control. Their main focus is to forcefully change the way other people do things in order to match their standards.

Good ideas don’t need force to be implemented. The children do not know this because most parents never teach them personal responsibility. Sadly, the world is filled with more and more spineless children who grow up and need somewhere to cling on. They only know how to use external powers and not their own. And this is exactly how tyranny takes flesh and bones.

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