Corona Virus Has Exposed Who Has The Answers

“What will I do if my kids are not going to school”
The Home schooler has the answer

“What will I do if the food markets are closed?”
The prepper that also grows his own food has the answer

“What will I do when they attack me and there is no police?”
The pro gun guy has the answer

“How will I make money if I can’t go to work?”
The private business owner has the answer

“What will I do if I have no electricity?”
The solar energy producer has the answer

“What will I do if I have no water?”
The rain water collector has the answer

The system works only through slave tactics
and obedient, spineless, dependent puppet

Those who have the answers are labeled as mad,
outcasts, conspiracy theorists.

When shit hits the fan they become the wise survivors.
Reality hits hard only those who try to avoid it.

Only things that already lasted through time can survive. 

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