Corona Virus, Fake News, The Experts and The Fools

The term “Fake News” was introduced a few years ago when the Democract Party in the United States tried to defame the Republican Nominee Donald Trump. Trump got elected regardless of the effort. He managed to turn the term “Fake News” against the very people who used it on him. It worked like a charm.

Most people adhere to the belief that a source of information owes to carry some form of validity. We have been conditioned as a species to believe in an authority that accomplishes this. In the early days it might have been the old sage. Today, this deed is left to science or the government. Nonetheless, there is a deep desire to believe that one source of information is especially better than another.

If you have been paying attention on social media, you would have noticed that there are specific types of people that believe specific sources of news.

The Expert

This is the type of person who managed to get a degree from a state approved institution. He feels that he understands his field well enough. With every opportunity given, like the coronavirus theme, he feels that he should speak first through science.

The expert advises us to be humble in our understandings about the world but can’t help themselves to spam everyone with scientific research. He believes that papers stemming from academic sources are mostly reliable and above every other kind of information.Science, in his mind, is mostly incorruptible and official sources like the government tend to tell the truth by using science as a hub.

The expert also tends to stick to his field and relies on other experts from their own field to tell him what to do. He believes he is impartial and humble but his actions and tendencies demonstrate exactly the opposite. He is the first to point out the difference between “official sources” and “fake news” without realizing that official sources might be the fake news.

The Fool

This is the type of person “the expert” despises. He considers him as the enemy and the source of demise on this planet. The fool, in the mind of the expert, is someone who believes just about everything without waiting for an official response from “science” or “the government”.

The fool usually panics early and perceives all kinds of information as true, all at the same time. Instead of feeling at ease, he tries to make sense of the world based on the information he receives, not necessarily the validity of the source. 

He is the first to be accused of “fake news” from the expert because he will believe hearsay and rumours rather than “official statements” from some kind of upper authority.

The expert will accuse the fool as naive and that he accepts statements without evidence. Little does the expert know that the research he just shared about e.g. the origins of coronavirus, make little sense to him. The important thing is that there are fancy graphics, lots of numbers and something that is signed by people with PhD in front of their names. That makes the expert feel comfortable and happy.

The fool perceives the internet much like they perceive the real world. All information has to be filtered. If someone tries to sell him something on the street he will examine the quality of the  product, look the other person in the eye and gauge instinctually if the deal is right. The expert will be looking for stamps of approval from some kind of organization and that will be all the information he wants.

The COVID-19 debacle

Coronavirus has demonstrated for once more that people will abide by their prefered source of information without juxtaposing information for knowledge. The spineless expert will assume ignorance and bust your balls that the virus was just a natural occurrence. He will assure you that the world is not controlled by anyone in particular and this was not an ill intended. The expert will ignore videos from China that demonstrate people vanishing for speaking out about the coronavirus or police showing up in the front door of people who speak about the corona.

The expert will ignore that the virus lab was just next to the fish market where the Chinese government claims the virus originated. They will show you complicated gene photos in order to prove that the virus was not engineered in a lab even though the conditions of the fish market could be replicated in a lab environment. In other words, the expert will just believe anything that comes from an official source even if a shred of critical thinking could prove him wrong.

The fool will consider all this and really get confused. He will not understand much but he will try to extrapolate all the information possible in order to evaluate two possibilities. Panic or relax. And since most of this information doesn't make much sense, he panics. The expert on the other hand feels like if he just follows the authority’s guidelines he will be fine. This is why he didn’t panic a month or two months ago. The other experts didn’t tell him to panic. Now they do. The expert is a post-hoc reactionary, always following the narrative from above.

A few weeks ago the expert was also sharing meme pictures that this is not as dangerous as the flu. This is what they told him. He was accusing the fools that they panic for no reason and that they are also probably racist for avoiding the chinese. Now they forgot all about it and support the hashtag #staythefuckhome. They are the expert followers after all. The independent thinkers that can only think when others tell them to do so.

The Reality

The matter of fact is that this virus originated from a country that filters just about everything before it gets to the outside world. Not only that, China chooses strategically what is to be released. They monitor all the TV networks, internet networks and phones. We saw them spray the streets, mass graves, build hospitals in a week.

They show up at your door if you say something bad about the establishment. People vanish randomly for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. We have evidence that they withheld information about the corona virus and they could have saved the world a lot of trouble if they complied. They sealed people in buildings and left them for dead. Most people that released these videos, vanished.

Now they are the heroes amidst what seems an inevitable economic collapse. They give masks to the rest of the world, report no other instances of coronavirus in their country while the west stands helpless. Russia and China apparently seemed to be the most prepared about this situation while everyone else seems lost.

The economic crash and the virus also seemed to correlate immensely with FED rates going to zero and the inflation machine going bonkers. The same thing happened in 2002 with SARS and 2008 with H1N1.The chances of this happening are astronomical. It would seem that the virus was used either way as an excuse for a sell out. Top CEOs quit their positions at the beginning of the year, running away before the storm comes. Top hedge funds withdrew their holdings weeks before the World Health Organization issued their panic measures around the world. The expert has no idea how to put this information together because his news feed doesn’t have this kind of information.

Would you have stayed home if the entire economy was collapsing? People in Hong Kong, France, Italy and Iran were already in the streets protesting about the system. Everyone was feeling that the economic situation has reached a limit. The world seemed that it was about to explode. If the economic collapse happened without corona people would be protesting everywhere on the planet and everything will still be paralysed regardless.

It seems that this virus turned everybody’s attention away from the money and into their health and their families. Everything stopped because it could be afforded to stop. Millions of Jobs are about to be lost in the US and this will cascade to the rest of the world. Universal Basic Income is about to be introduced while people stay complacent locked in their homes awaiting for everything to get back to normal. Thing is, when everything gets back to normal, it won't be the same world again.

The expert will continue abiding to the narrative of the coronavirus as a random event that changed life on planet earth forever. By the time they forget about it, some other thing will show up in front of them and take their attention away from the real issues. By that time, they will be working more hours, get paid less and they won’t realize how everything turned out to be like that. Ironically, the fool might be ahead of the curve while the experts chase breadcrumbs from journals and official sources. Myopic view, missing the larger picture.

My foolish extrapolation

1) Obligatory vaccination will be introduced after people have been stripped of their will power to react. Almost all will comply.

2)The vaccine will be tied to a tracking mechanism. It will be an organized globalized effort to vaccinate everyone and there will be a way to tell if someone got the vaccine or not. Those who are not will be considered public enemy.

3) Whether the virus was released intentionally or not is irrelevant. What matters is the communication of the events and the timing. China and Russia seem to have had enough of the American trade war and they will slowly move to their own global currency after they short the hyper-inflating US dollar.

4)A gold-backed cryptocurrency will be created eliminating all physical paper cash

5) Everyone’s moves will be tracked through the blockchain via this currency

6) The world will be in recession for years and limiting movement and economic measures will be introduced.

7) Working from home means many useless jobs will be lost while most buildings will be re-purposed for immigrant housing/working from home. The workers will be paying the company's rent without even realizing it.

This prediction is based on the fact that the current economic system is not sustainable. Another narrative is needed in order to turn things around with minimal damage. This is how it could be done without having any mass reactions and destabilization.

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