The invasion-immigration phenomenon

From all the forms of modern warfare, invasion-immigration is perhaps the most elaborate and covert. It can tackle entire countries, economies, individuals even political ideologies. It causes the least noise and it can transform opponents into allies. It is perhaps the most intuitive form of warfare that humans have engineered so far.

The Age of the Great Pretender

The people sharing motivational quotes like this one above, are exactly the opposite of the message they wish to share. They have suspicions they are lacking in a specific quality. They know it. They dread it. And there is nothing to do other than overcompensate for their deficiency by making it a public spectacle.

Response to a banal meme called “What Do I Fear?”

Fortunately, the ending statement of the meme explains the pathology of the one being inspired. If your life is being fed by these kind of fears then you are doomed to lead a life of seeking constant verification and approval from others and falling apart when you are not. The above list is mostly a dopamine loophole, one that every drug addict has. At the end of the day, you end up living in fear. You forget that one day you will die. That’s all it does. It keeps you a distracted coward.

State Approved Degrees don’t make you a professional

Citizens should be free to choose professionals considering they present themselves with what qualification (or not) they have. The customers are citizens that vote, bear children and drive cars. They should be able to engage in free association and signing legal documents that their trainer bears no responsibility for any injuries that might be caused in the process of training. This is how good ideas perpetuate. Not by force but with freedom.