Apocalypse Prophesies: A hasty explanation

And we had to do this because humans are pretty bad with their perceptions. Dogs can sense earthquakes, birds can sense rain. We can barely sense our own shit sometimes. We are not so in touch with the environment so we have invented stories to keep us up on our toes. Our bodies lacked, so we used our half-assed stories as a reminder.

Corona Virus, Fake News, The Experts and The Fools

The expert will continue abiding to the narrative of the coronavirus as a random event that changed life on planet earth forever. By the time they forget about it, some other thing will show up in front of them and take their attention away from the real issues. By that time, they will be working more hours, get paid less and they won’t realize how everything turned out to be like that. Ironically, the fool might be ahead of the curve while the experts chase breadcrumbs from journals and official sources. Myopic view, missing the larger picture.

Daddy’s Authority and The Children that Never Grow Up

The vast majority of children grow up and face the same power issues. Only this time, the scenario is set up a bit differently. The father figure is no longer available. But, there is a similar father figure called “The Government”. It has all the power. It has all the guns and special places to put the punished. It makes all the rules and it cannot be questioned. The child clings on this new authority figure and never grows up.

The invasion-immigration phenomenon

From all the forms of modern warfare, invasion-immigration is perhaps the most elaborate and covert. It can tackle entire countries, economies, individuals even political ideologies. It causes the least noise and it can transform opponents into allies. It is perhaps the most intuitive form of warfare that humans have engineered so far.