Sir, you have a termite infestation problem

All this time you didn’t notice that almost all the trees are gone. But you don’t pay attention since it was probably because of the termites. The government official tells you that these mysterious termites caused all the damage in your logging town. They ate the roots and so they had to cut them. All the sale proceedings went for supporting the 3 main logging companies in your town so that the economy won’t collapse. Anyone who thinks differently is a conspiracy theorist since there is no real proof.

What a SNOPES antivaxx debunking page can tell us about the pseudoscience of depression

I know people who got depressed because their online presence has diminished and they needed attention so much that they got on TV to speak about how depressed they are. Ultimately that made them famous once again and the depression slowly vanished. But since attention is the common denominator here, if the attention-supply-line brakes, the addict defaults to their ‘needy state’. I know. This is some next level clown world material but this is exactly what is going on today.

Dear Neo-Atheists, why are you treating this life as if there is another one?

Many are trying to write books. Others are trying to be literally “someone” (anyone really) so they can be “remembered”. They strive to appear as much as possible on social media, TV appearances, anything that can stamp their name in the passage of time. In all, neo-atheists dread the idea of returning to nothing as much as the religious folk do but find other ways to fuel this existential angst. They want their image to live forever and to do so in the best way possible. They are essentially dreaming of a paradise of their own making.

The Microsoft patent, pedophilia and how it connects with the Occult

Deep down, these “elites” even if they had everything, they knew they were still going to die. They tried drugs, they tried sex, they tried almost everything this world had to offer, yet they were still missing something. They hear about old cults. They hear about medical procedures were young blood and organs can make you more youthful. Again, they are not particularly smart or charismatic. They are as gullible and dumbstrucked as everyone else.