Sir, you have a termite infestation problem

All this time you didn’t notice that almost all the trees are gone. But you don’t pay attention since it was probably because of the termites. The government official tells you that these mysterious termites caused all the damage in your logging town. They ate the roots and so they had to cut them. All the sale proceedings went for supporting the 3 main logging companies in your town so that the economy won’t collapse. Anyone who thinks differently is a conspiracy theorist since there is no real proof.

Daddy’s Authority and The Children that Never Grow Up

The vast majority of children grow up and face the same power issues. Only this time, the scenario is set up a bit differently. The father figure is no longer available. But, there is a similar father figure called “The Government”. It has all the power. It has all the guns and special places to put the punished. It makes all the rules and it cannot be questioned. The child clings on this new authority figure and never grows up.

On Being a Contrarian in a world of Blind following the Blind

I owe to myself and my humanity to be a contrarian. Rejecting the status-quo becomes a necessity. Most things in life are just bullshit that only serve superficial functioning for the masses. Thus, I acknowledge my own ignorance and limitations based on the time and place I find myself in history. If I cannot examine something directly or lack sufficient evidence, I simply reject it. In fact, I dismiss almost everything.