Dear Experts, It’s Not About Knowledge. It is about Trust.

An expert, a real expert, is someone who knows their subject so well, they can explain the most complex of its tenets in simple to understand wording. At the same time they can invent something that has a fundamental impact. No, I am not talking about TV or Computers or the Internet. I am talking about the transistor inside the satellite, the motherboard inside your laptop or the mathematical solution for ‘web packet switching’.

State Approved Degrees don’t make you a professional

Citizens should be free to choose professionals considering they present themselves with what qualification (or not) they have. The customers are citizens that vote, bear children and drive cars. They should be able to engage in free association and signing legal documents that their trainer bears no responsibility for any injuries that might be caused in the process of training. This is how good ideas perpetuate. Not by force but with freedom.