A response to those who are ready to call people “conspiracy theorists”

Most people fail to understand one very basic fact about the system we are living. Everyone is sitting in front of a screen absorbing information.

Here are the facts of this situation that anyone can cross check from many sources, even the most "accepted" ones.

1) Corporations such as Facebook and Google actively engage in content filtering to suit everyone's interests

2) Governments are in bed with these corporations

3) Whatever information you see on Facecbook being "fact checked" is actually "government approved checked" or "corporate approved checked".

4) Censoring makes no logical sense whatsoever unless you want to control the stupid people who would be fooled by anything no matter what.

5) A Scientist can be bought and misinform the public with false data. (Great example of the sugar industry buying 3 Harvard Scientists, lead gas being used for 60 years and everyone protesting against scientists being called conspiracy theorist. Many other exists. e.g Evidence that most studies cannot even be replicated or being manipulated.)

Here is the thing. None of this matters unless you have skin in the game. In other words, unless you have something to lose. If you just share opinions on facebook whether or not China is lying, whether CEOs left early January and so on, it doesn't matter unless you are actively involved. If you are just an employee or small business owner waiting for the dust to settle then you are not in charge of your fate. Other are and you naked in a field full of cucumbers.

At the top of the pyramid in our system is politics. Not science. Everything and anything is filtered through politics. Even religion itself. Everything is about how we, the viewers, perceive information and how we act on them. And the politicians, the union leaders the "talkers" are the biggest scumbags you will ever meet on this earth. Why? Simply because they get their pockets lined in order to sit there. They need to satisfy the ears of more and more people thus they have to appear generic. Everyone knows it yet everyone is playing stupid - or worse, lose their spine as well - if you can't beat them, join them right?

We do not have the same information as the ones ruling corporations and/or politics. You are a moron if you believe this. We get what they want us to receive.This is why you see them selling stocks before an event happens. Always. This is why you see the World Health Organization acting so suspiciously, covering up for China and the world plunging to shit because a fucking army of "experts" got it wrong or actively misinformed people (masks, virility etc).

To deny these facts you need to be completely dumbstruck in the real world. Have no stakes. You are just sitting on your ass in your room watching everything unfold and just "trusting the authorities" until the sun shines. And on top you call the others "believers" or "conspiracy theorists" when yourself acts like a blind faith follower to new Gods (Science, Governments, Journals, you name it)

Some other people have to act. They are the skeptics. The true hardcore "Atheists" that question e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. If they have investments they need to monitor the politicians' actions to eliminate risk. This is not a belief in politics. Not trusting what you see through a piece of glass covered in wires does not classify you as a conspiracy theorist. This is being a balls against the wall realist.

This is actively watching and monitoring what the heck is going on and taking measures. Taking. Measures. I repeat because the believers to the authorities take measures post-hoc of authority announcement.

If you are walking alone in the woods you have to act like there are predators or pray around you. Walking in the woods and trusting that you live in a Disney world were everything will be fine is what is foolish and superstitious. You are denying a peer review from the entire history of your own species.

Governments lie to the people and do so through politics. This is the undeniable fact. Wars coming and people getting caught with their pants down is the rule NOT the exception. Nobody is going to issue you a warning if a calamity ensues. You can't possibly trust a few scoundrels that get money from bigger interests to serve your interests first. They profit off you. That's their job. If you are older than 20 and you haven't figured this out then you are a cucked from the system into a gullible moron.

So I ask you again. Who is the fool? Who is the conspiracy theorist? The one defending themselves against contradictory sets of information or the one trusting blindly what they receive and just accepting that "chaos is the cause" and that the "government" or "WHO" or "X University study" will have your best interest?

Remember. A conspiracy theorist connects random information into patterns in order to pin point causality to an event and a central authority that holds the strings. He does so to eliminate exposure to damage/risk.

What do you call someone who ignores all these patterns or recognizes them as a pure result of entropy? What do you call someone who believes that countries do not engage in economic or other kind of warfare today? What do you call someone who just sits in front of a screen and receives all the "official" information at face value? Ask a medieval Catholic believer that received his "official" religious indoctrination from the "officially issued and translated bible". Ask them how it went for them.

I would rather be called a conspiracy theorist, profit, keep prospering and save my ass rather than be a blind food that will be caught with my pants down. Because the truth of what YOU believe can be determined by the best judge in our system. The market.

If you believe that everything is just "natural' occurrence and there is no "conspiracy" then put your money where your mouth is. Check yourself while you submit "BUY" or "SELL". That's what matters. Nothing else. Everyone pretends to have an opinion until it is time to open their wallet and put money down to support their opinion.

All your knowledge about science, humans, money and most importantly your own self manifests at the same time once you become a market trader. It's what people said in the past "Do you wanna bet?" If you are not doing this, then your opinion is irrelevant. If you can't act on your your opinion, if you are not actively risking anything, then you and your opinions about what is really going on can kindly go fuck themselves.

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