5G and the Threshold of Convenience

The .gif above is taken from a video app used to measure social distancing. It can track each and every person in real time and identify who is violating a specific distance (about 2 meters). This technology is only possible through 5G networks because they provide superb speed. For the user that might mean, better video download speed. A minor convenience. For the system, is an entire new ball game.

5G is already used in China to monitor citizens in every way possible. If you think this technology will not be used to limit your freedoms for the sake of social control and overall security then you are extremely naive.

Humans bring upon themselves whatever calamity happens to them. This is the beauty of democracy. We vote for the politicians we deserve and adopt technologies thrown at us, all for the sake of "convenience". But convenience always has a price. For example, we walk less because of our fancy cars so obesity and diabetes have risen. We continue making more medication for these modern diseases but more problems occur in our bodies resulting in a longer, more painful lifespan and an even greater amount of medical problems.

A great life is marked by a quick death. We are doing the exact opposite. We are torturing our bodies because we make innovations that constantly reject their use. Our laziness wins. Every, single, time. And for what? So we can have it a little easier.

There is a threshold between convenience and benefit and we have crossed it a long time ago. We are now comfortably in a net loss. Here is the things though. We can't go back and change things. Much like a spoiled teen, we just want more and more so we forget our previous problems. And so we continue making things even worse. We add complexity and entropy to our systems and then when something blows up we choose to blame something irrelevant. Like a true spoiled teenager. 

The tactic being used in the case of accepting 5G as part of our lives while rejecting all the haters as crazy conspirators is what I call the "Alex Jones Effect". For those who don't know the guy, Alex Jones is considered the king of conspiracy theorists because he makes absurd connections between facts and events. There are nuggets of truth in his words but most of what he says are upsurdisms. 

Here is what happens though. Let’s say for example that you don't trust 5G because it will limit your freedoms. This is a very considerate and logical concern. Yet, you will be labeled as a conspiracy theorist from the proponents of 5G. They will follow up on your concern and say "Yeah, and alien lizards will prob our asses to control us, right?". "The virus also has something to do with 5G transmissions, right?" ."You are one of those guys, right?".

The 'Alex Jones effect' is when a rightful suspicion and probable fact is turned into absurdity in order to discard the entire idea altogether. Ironically, this demeaning attitude is often adopted from people who like to call themselves "science proponents". They employ an "us vs them" tactic where anything against their point of view is probably a ludicrous conspiracy theory and must be discarded because it does not agree with the "official data". The laughable part is that their tactics are exactly the same as Trump uses against his opponents. And they hate Trump. That, right there, is all the information you need about how brainwashed and intellectually dishonest these people are. 

5G is looking at us straight in the face and is asking us whether we prefer freedom or convenience (and safety). We answer convenience because the ones that are going to benefit more out of this are corporations and governments. They control the narrative. They eliminate any opposition. Any information against the status-quo is buried. Blogs or pages talking against 5G are banned or shadowbanned. Research that comes out supports the narrative. It’s pretty much a done deal. 

You think 5G will make your life easier because you will be able to download a few movies faster or upload instantly something on Instagram. But for these petty upgrades you will have constant monitoring about everything you do. We are almost done with our final transformation from users into products. And we are welcoming it with a road paved in rose petals.

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