Throughout the years I must have written hundreds of thousands of words in various platforms. Tens of social media accounts got deleted. Thousands of contacts lost. What you read here has never been well accepted for reasons that you might or might not discover.

I am creating this website as an ark for my thoughts. I will be slowly gathering old articles and essays and proceed with publishing them along with new pieces. Much of what I wrote has been lost. Regardless, I value the process of expression rather than the final piece. They say you have to adopt to survive, but I really do not need the system’s boundaries to make it. I broke free from it years ago.

I grew up very poor and had to learn how to do everything by myself. My professional endeavors always involved hustling one way or another. It was always a mission to escape from the status while not sacrificing my spine while I was at it. It was hard, very hard, since I had to sacrifice almost everything.

Professionally, I was involved in many areas that ranged from academic research, design, construction, engineering and peer-to-peer monetary systems. Failed in most, succeeded in few. Learned a lot – especially how to detect bullshit across almost all facets of life. I helped many people on a private level to improve their lives and make something better for themselves. Some appreciated it, some others still loath me because they can’t stand my shadow over their lives.

I am a private person and I value honor in one’s ethos. I never judge someone by my own merits but rather their own. If I sense hypocrisy, I lose almost immediately interest and walk away. Most people are not worth my time since with the current social media trends more and more are becoming copies of one another. It is fairly easy to sell out and so I use this as a gauge to separate the weed from the chaff.

Ι value freedom above everything else. I am quite allergic to those who try to forcefully impose their will onto others be it via religion, education or the government. If you notice me spouting vile towards your way it means you have probably crossed the freedom line.